09 May, 2008

Walk On

I took a day off yesterday. I was tired and, I spent a lot of the day walking hither and yon with SamBurger. Walking for now will be his best activity.

I ended up pushing him a bit to much yesterday. I'm eager for him to get back to "normal" for him, and, I need to listen to him better.

I spent the morning working in the yard, mowing, skirting the big tree in back. Samuel and Rowena took the morning walk. After lunch he and i strolled to the park and enjoyed yet another gorgeous day.

For now, that's the routine - Walk On.

p.s. - We just received a lovely plant basket from SourceForge Inc. (my employer). Thank you very much for thinking of us!


casahinojosa said...


Walk on!! Didn't realize until nearly over that wasn't the real Neil. Great version / cover.

Keep on Truckin' Samuel. You'll have your wheels back soon and be butterflying and flip turning before you know it.


Love Tio Jorge, (Tia Patty and your primas too!)

Chato said...

ya - i was hoping to find a young version, that one worked out pretty well i thought.

btw, i have mentioned the seminar neil put on at the mtv awards back in '93. here is the video:


neil was grunge before they coined the term. the destruction at the end is wried, but, there it is...

Samuel smiles at being told he is someone's hero. You are going to have to explain that to him in person bro.