04 May, 2008

A scar is born

Photo of a new fresh scar below - be aware...

Samuel is having a bit of a rough time. He has had some nausea and breathing issues. More on the breathing later. The team here has removed his arterial line that was in his left wrist. This was used to draw blood while he was in the ICU. He still have the neck line, lines in each arm at about the elbows, and one in his right hand. He is not currently on any IV fluids of any sort.

Rowena stayed here over night. I went home and took care of business after the swim meet. Checking in with Rowena this morning she noted that Samuel seemed to have slept reasonably well, though she did not. She looks tired. It's hard getting rest here, so we do the whole platooning routine. She'll get to go home tonight. I want to send her home sooner than later. I think she's going to fight me on it today...

##### ##### ##### #####

He yakked earlier and some ended up on his chest bandage. The nurse was allowed to remove the bandage and reveal his newly minted scar. The photo below is not real graphic and not really close up, but it is still a picture of a notable incision Be aware.

I'm no doctor and believe that the wound looks good. I've cut myself enough to know that as there is no reddish areas, puss, or puffiness aside from what is expected, his wound is healing nicely:

The white stuff at the bottom is a lot of gauze that they have packed around the 2 chest tubes that are still in place. There has continued to be drainage from the chest, so these will stay in until that subsides.

Above the gauze on the lower right is a wire. This is a pacing wire that is not connected externally (it goes into his chest and has connections on the heart itself). There is another one on the left that you can't quite see. They would use these in can emergency if they needed to get the heart a better rhythm. These wires are unused at this time.

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