01 May, 2008

Started Late

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We were at the hospital on time, only the surgery team seemed to have had to go long on their fist case. We finally were brought in and started off joining a study on using liquid Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Samuel put his gown on and was told to take up a spot on the bed. He did. They were going to try to put his initial IV in his arm, however he protested more then they had considered.
Actually, he did that face for me as he was trying to act as though he wasn't happy about me taking pictures.

He really was doing okay and not seemingly all too stressed about what was going on or coming up:

He even agreed to take a picture of us:
We left him with the anesthesiologists at about 2:15 and headed into downtown Palo Alto for a late-ish lunch. We strolled around there for a bit and came back. We were hanging out at one of the garden areas they have here and one of the nurses on his case came by - this was around 4-ish, to let us know that at that time, they were just starting to cut on Samuel.

It's about 5:30 now, so apologies for the delays in updates. I ran out of power. Oh, the surgeon came and met Samuel and reassured me that they would be taking pictures. Any posts I put up that will have pictures of Samuel's procedure I'll make sure to flag.

It's going to be a long evening...


Greg Knepp said...

Hey all!

I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately and hoping that all is going well.

Samuel - heal quickly and get on back to church ASAP.... I'm gonna miss my high fives at coffee hour until you are back! Plus, the swim team needs you!

We'll be watching closely and the whole family will be in our prayers.

Don't hesitate to call if you need anything at all!

The Knepps

Cristyna said...

Hey Sam!!
We all miss you in food and the swim team too. I cant wait to see you again next year at school. I am gonna miss your wonderful smile and personalitiy. Sam we all love you and miss you greatly.

Don't worry,there are many people at the school who cant wait to hear how everything went. I will have some close people from my church pray...if that is okay?

Cristyna Or as Sam calls me Katie!!

Chato said...


Thank you so much. Samuel will surely heal quickly and well with such love and care from his larger family.

We all appreciate your love and care.


Chato said...

Cristyna (a.k.a. "Katie":),

Thank you very much. Samuel loves you all and feels so much a part of the Branham community.

You and the rest of his swim team mates have been awesome friends, and role models for him. I'm not sure we can express how much the care you all have given him means to us. You all *ROCK*! (and I know rock!:)

d. (Samuel's Dad).

Chato said...


Oh, and as for prayers, yes! Please. Again, thank you!

Good luck to you and the rest of the team during finals! Go Bruins! (and Prospect Panthers - Samuel's sister's is on that team! ;).


Owlonastick said...

You know, the least you guys could do is look a little bit older. I haven't seen you for 15 years and Rowena looks just the same.

I probably don't need to tell you that we're praying for you but we are.

Owlonastick said...

Yeah, I should have signed my last comment with:

Greg W.

Chato said...

Dear Greg W. (a.k.a. "Owl-on-a-stick"),

I suspect I'll have a few more pounds and many more grey hairs after this.

Your prayers are gracefully received and thankfully acknowledged. I hope you and Mel continue on well. Also, I'm interested to know the latest on Evan's choice for college.