07 May, 2008

There's no place like home

Ruby slippers? Not here...

We were anticipating release today in the case that the morning's X-Ray was deemed to indicate that his lung was clearing up well:

Sure enough, it turned out well and we were told we could take Samuel home. We packed up (it's amazing how much stuff we had) and walked out of the room around 1:00 PM:

On 280, Samuel crashed:

We arrived to a bright, cheery welcome:

Samuel was really happy to be home:

Hula was glad to have him home too:

As for us? Great relief, joy, and, blow-you-back amazement at what has just happened in the space of 1 weeks time. Now, the mundane and critical work of getting Samuel back to playing basketball, swimming, lifting, dancing... All the things that make up the active life of a 15 year-old. It's life, as we know it.

Thank you again to all of you who have come to visit, have kept us in your prayers, and who have sent cards, gifts, food, balloons... We are blessed, beyond what we even realize or can imagine. Thank you.


Conrado said...

Dan & Row - That's great news that Sam is already home! kind of amazing given what he has been through. It seems like a really fast recovery.

Again, the blog has been a great tool here. Now that you have crossed to the light side, you even have a lot of good material for a video type presentation (though I would use an older version of iMovie as the newest one was a step backwards or two).


Chato said...


We're glad that this medium was useful in communicating the goings on with Samuel. We're relieved to have him home.