06 May, 2008

Heart photos - preamble

Samuel just had a post-surgery echo-cardiogram. While we were in the room, the doctor that took photographs during the surgery, Dr. Silverman, came by and let me know he had the pictures ready and was going to meet with Dr. Hanley first to make sure that he has all of the descriptions correct.

I'm waiting to meet with him now and take the hand-off. I'm likely going to put up a post with these this evening. I'll label the post - Samuel's Heart - cause guess what, his heart will be the main subject. In person, as it were.

I'll give a warning at the top of the post. If you are getting these via email and not sure you are gonna be ready to see my son's heart, you may just want to delete that message.

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Mrs. Taylor said...


It sounds like you have been VERY BRAVE!!! I'm very proud of you and am glad you will be going home soon. Hula will be happy to see you too I'm sure.

Mrs. Taylor