04 May, 2008

The left lung

Update (1:00 PM): I forgot that the team here is going to to an Echo of his lung first to try to better determine what the case may be with that lung. Rowena reminded me of this as well as that if it is a collapsed lung, that they will do some therapy (thumping on his back, etc.) to help bring it back. end Update.

Samuel's left lung has something going on. They just took a new X-Ray to get a better look to find out what's going on.

This is a blurred view of the image they took this morning taken from the screen of the wireless cart the Nurse Practitioner was reviewing:
From the image on the left, you can see more whiteish tissue on his left side. This is the lung. The right side looks appropriate. That means there is either fluid in the left lung that needs to be drained, or the lung is collapsed. We'll find out in a moment which one it was found to be.

If it is fluid, they will take him back to the ICU, drug him up, and insert a tube into that lung to drain off the fluid. I'm not sure what they will do if it is a collapsed lung. Inflate it I suppose. I'm not quite sure how that is done. I suspect it is fluid for my part. I hope not.


casahinojosa said...

Samuel, Victoria, Row and Dan,

Hey there. Just got all caught up w/ the posts. Wow!! You've had quite a few intense days from the looks of it. Lots of support. I was crying for awhile as I read the comments from your friends. It will never cease to amaze me how a community can rally. That is true religion.

Speaking of religion -- the surf was great all weekend at So. Carlsbad. So good that I waited until Sat afternoon to get wet, because it was soooo big. I thot it had backed off a bit, but NO. I spent awhile getting clobbered, but i finally hooked up a left and I must say I smoked it. You were their my little bro. We rocked! I know a little about rock too!!

Anyway, get your rest -- Row -- you too! Patty and I are keeping you all in our hearts and thoughts. Talk soon - love jorge

Chato said...


Ya, well, I suppose intensity is relative. Maybe because I'm in it I can't tell. I have my moments. As you noted, the community does pull together. We are blessed.

As for your worship at *our* church, the Church of the Sacred Sand and Holy Brine, Ay! That would explain the head rush I experienced. "know a *little* about rock"? I know that all too well. Rock on bro. Thank you for keeping us all in your thoughts.

Love you and miss you,