03 May, 2008

3 West!

Samuel is now where he has been looking to be, 3 West. This is the "West Wing" of the 3rd floor at the hospital. This means that he is no longer considered in need of intensive care and will hopefully begin a bit more mobility.

I left early to take in Victoria's last swim meet of her high school career. I caught her swimming in the 200 free relay and in the 100 back-stroke. She rocked. She finished her swimming career swimmingly (ya ya, I know, I went for the cheap laugh. What? not even a laugh? oy.).

I hear that another angel took my lovely wife to dinner while my sister and her husband hung with the Sam-burger. A couple of other angels, the Starr's were there when I left. It turns out I owe Ken *big-time*. Not only did he help with a bunch of un-pleasant stuff, most importantly, he helped out when the nursing team removed his "u"-catheter (**all guys shiver**).

Another friend was there too I hear. All-in-all, it sounds like I missed a party. However, what is good is that Samuel seems to be coming along. We are going to have to focus all spare time getting him up, on his feet, and moving around. He is really *really* sore all over, and the best way to solve that is to get moving.

I'm going to get to bed early since I didn't get much sleep last night and perhaps get to the hospital around 9 or so. Progress feels slow. One can't deny, it is progress.

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