05 May, 2008

Last night - This morning

Samuel seems to be much more himself today. I'll pick up from last night... Here is a blurry image of the echo they did of his lung:

A bit after he took a laxitive, he barfed and it mussed his central line dressing. I took this as they were cleaning his neck to replace the dressing:

His clock is really off, or at least it was last night. We watched Iron Chef America which ended at 10p. I turned it off and told him I was going to sleep. He said that he wasn't ready to sleep yet. I asked him if he wanted me to order up a keg and invite in the dancing girls. He declined.

If you have never spent time in a hospital, I don't recommend it. Particularly if you want rest. While it is a healing place, it is not a resting place. The old joke, "hey, wake up, it's time to take your sleeping pill" was created from experience. As one falls asleep, someone comes in to draw blood, give medicine, or turn off an alarm. Samuel fell asleep a few times. I was able to get a couple of hours sleep in between too.

At about 7a, I went down to the cafeteria for breakfast. This cafeteria is generally fairly expensive where eateries are concerned:
However, for just under $4.00, you can get a full meal of eggs, sausage and toast with butter and marmalade. The coffee is extra. I'm still sorry I didn't invest in Starbux back when...

I came back and Samuel's breakfast had arrived. He actually wanted to eat. He had a choice of Cheerios or scrambled eggs with bacon. He told me he wanted the cereal with milk:

He was diggin' that. Throwin' out a peace sign to y'all:

He ate the whole bowl *and* kept it down:

Rowena showed up and brought him a picture of his beloved dog:



Taunya said...

Uncle Dan, Aunt Ro, Victoria, and Samuel-- Um, first off, super embarrassed that my dad figured out how to leave comments before I did! I'm glad to see Samuel is up and smiling. It brought a huge smile to my face. I wish I could be there to entertain Samuel too. It sounds like his room is often a party. I can't wait until next month when I actually get to hug all of you. Miss you tons and tons!

Nousheen said...

Daniel and Rowena, It is so nice to see Samuel is recovering nicely. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you, especially since May 1st. Thanks for all the updates. We'd love to see Samuel and you. I'll go back and see if I missed anything about visit preference, etc..
Nousheen & Pete

Chato said...


lol - ya, embarrassed is valid. Glad you worked it out. Of course - anyone can post, you don't need a blogger account.

So, ya - he was def more himself yesterday. Today he seems grumpy, but he is raring to go for a walk right now. Have to get past meds, pulling one of his IV's, yada yada, yada...

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone next month. It should be a blast!


Chato said...


Yes - visits are welcomed. Feel free to come by here. You have my cell. But it's easy - you can come to the Childrens hospital and go to the 3rd floor. Turn right off the elevator. We are in 3 West, Rm. 3221.

Or, you can wait till we get home. No worries. Not sure when that will be yet, but, stay tuned...