01 May, 2008

1 more hour (9:00 PM)

Samuel's surgeon just came out and let us know that things went well and surgery is complete. He said that Samuel is still in the Operating Room (OR) and will be in the ICU in about an hour. They are just wrapping things up to move him.

He said that Samuel did really well. He noted that the muscle in his heart was quite thick as they had expected. They had a small leak from the old VSD that was repaired in his first surgery they were keeping an eye out for. This has show up on echo's and other studies on Samuel's heart over the years. He said that they didn't see it initially. As they removed some of the muscle tissue, it made an appearance. So, they dropped a stitch in there and closed it off.

Dr. Hanley seemed fairly comfortable with the result. Perhaps it is that he does this all the time and expects or regularly has success, this is no big deal or not a wholly unexpected result. For my part, I can feel the stress ramping down. The pressure in my chest is loosening, knowing that he is done and can begin healing.

As late as it is, they won't remove the breathing tube until the morning. We have a long night ahead of us, looking to begin our part of the bargain, being there for him. More later.


Mrs. Taylor said...

I'm so happy to hear things went well.

I've been checking the blog every hour since 1 p.m. I even told my students at school why I seemed preoccupied with a blog during the school day. So not only was I thinking of you Samuel, but my whole class was too.

Get Well VERY Soon! I can't wait to see your smile again!

Mrs. Taylor

Anonymous said...

I am super pleased to hear everything went well. I was not able to be at school on tuesday to wish him luck, but I can not wait to hear from him. Have a quick recovery sam and I will see you in a little while buddy!!!!


Chato said...


How sweet! Thank you for watching over us all! Having your class engaged as well, wow.

We'll pass this and other comments for Samuel onto him directly!


Chato said...

Mr. Padia,

Yes, we are pleased too. He was sorry to have missed you on Tuesday.

Please know that your class stood and delivered for him. They asked questions, and embraced our son as one of their own.

Your class and Branham has risen to the opportunity Samuel and his peers bring to the community. Leadership like yours helps make that happen. It is no accident.

When Samuel is cogent again, we'll be sure to see that he reads all of these comments!

Thank you again.