11 August, 2008

A point of order.

I haven't given updates on Samuel in a long time. Simply put, he is back, growing, thriving, and being even more active than he was ahead of the surgery.

In many of my posts through that process I spoke of love. At the heart of my love for my children, heck, humanity for that matter, is what I believe is even more important to human kind. Human dignity and respect.

If you've heard about a new movie from Ben Stiller, "Tropic Thunder", this is not an endorsement. To the contrary. I could say much but I am going to let others more eloquent than I give the details.

I will note that I have been on a bit of a mission to get folks to choose a better term than "retard". My daughter has expressed her frustration at kids in school using it and believe it or not, I hear it in the work place.

At any rate, Timothy Shriver writes an OpEd piece in the Washington Post titled "What 'Tropic Thunder' Thinks Is Funny". You may need to log in to read the article.

Short end of the question, here:

Want to do something about it? Here you go.