11 May, 2008

Goose awakening

A long time family friend sent me this story on reading our gosling encounter yesterday, I thought it was fairly interesting. I enjoyed it anyway...:

Dear Danny,

Good pics! Thanks a lot. When Paul was at Cabrillo, he brought home a pair of goslings, male and female. I think he got them from the farm at the school. Anyway, I named them Gus and Gert, and we kept them for quite a few months until they were full grown. They patterned on me and followed me around too, so for awhile I was the goose lady. Gertie was always trying to get at our chihuahua Princess so I had to protect the dog. Gus was a wus, but Gertie was a heavy duty guard goose, and eventually caused us to get rid of both, since she went after the meter men, and the mail man everyday.

One day we were in the front yard, and I was barefooted and in a muu muu, trying to protect Princess, when a man came around the far corner, walking his big fluffy white sled dog, a Samoyed, on a leash. Gertie took one look, and hooked her neck into an S and spread her wings, then half ran and half flew across the street and down to the corner after the dog, hissing and honking loudly. I went after her as fast as my bare feet would go over the pebbles in the way. By the time I got there, the poor dog, never having seen anything so horrible in his life had given up and laid down on his back with all 4 feet in the air and was pissing all over himself. Gert was ready for the attack, and I just got hold of her in time and had a really hard time holding onto her as she was trying to get to the dog. The man, looking quite flummoxed by the whole situation, said to me "My, that is a big duck!!"

Needless to say, I never saw the man or the dog again on our block.

Eventually we put the 2 into a clothes basket and took them down to the pond at the golf course, and there we left them. They did not stay, but I heard that both went to another house that backed onto the golf course where there was a tiny fish pond to flap around in.

And that is the story of Gus and Gert.
The end.
By Natalie Lund

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