10 May, 2008

A goose in the park

Samuel announced at about 10a that it was time for a walk. Off we went to the park...
A few days ago, we ran into a woman who had a young goose with her. We spoke to her for a bit. The goose is now 8 weeks old and she had named it April, as she adopted the goose in the month of April. Cute. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us that day. I've been taking it with us ever since hoping to catch a picture of this little fowl, cause it is really cute.

We were rewarded today:

The gosling follows her owner like her natural mother. She stays behind her mom just like you see baby ducks or other water fowl that you see in the wild or in the parks.

We watched some high school girls working on their basketball shots and a father getting ready to help his son with batting practice. It is another glorious day and lovely to be out and about

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