03 May, 2008

Day 3 update

Samuel has had a little more pain today and they have given him a bit of morphine. To get him started on moving around, a therapist came in and we had him get out of bed and into a chair. This helped him cough a little and get some crud out of his lungs. We have a device to help him with this as well that he needs to breath into. The deep breathing will help him cough which will help keep his lungs clear and ideally avoid him catching something nasty like pneumonia.

Once Samuel made it back to bed, he has been sleeping. That really tired him out. Victoria showed up about then for a visit ahead of the Blossom Valley Aquatic League (BVAL) finals. She brought Samuel one of the shirts from the meet going on today at Independence High School:

We went for a stroll on the roof where there is a garden that is in full spring bloom:

Oh, from there I could see a hoop:I'm going to have to track that down and throw down some skin. Huh! That's right, I'll be dunkin' on that sucker, cause, that's how I roll.

Victoria headed off to the meet and we had lunch. When we came back there was someone finishing up an X-Ray on Samuel. We need to keep working on his breathing, getting him up outta that bed and moving around. He wants to move up to "3-West", so hopefully that is sufficient motivation. Of course, he has already asked to just go home. :-/

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