03 May, 2008


Any of you that have gone to my church may know that I go in for sunrises in a big way. It was nice, though clearly not the same, to see this one today from the filthy window from Samuel's room, overlooking a parking lot:
Samuel slept through it...
Meh. I enjoyed it.

Samuel had a bit of a rough night, sleep-wise. I think his cycle is off. It's about 7:35 as I type and he is sleeping. Of course, he is fairly bored, so what else are you gonna do? Only, last night, on my last entry, almost as soon as I had typed that he was asleep, he woke up.

He is able to take clear liquids now. I have been giving him water to drink. He is also finally noticing that his chest is sore. He complained about this last night. I made sure to remind him that we had told him this would be the case. I like to think that Rowena and I did all we could to be open and honest about what was coming his way. I think he knew pretty well too, probably more than I had thought. I saw him showing a young friend of his how his chest would be spread open. I don't think he had any illusions about the process. Yet, what can prepare you for feeling like what I can only assume must feel like you were ran over by a truck?

The day begins with a new nurse for 12 hours. I'm hoping they are able to remove the chest tubes (1 renewed scar and 1 new), and that he is able to get up and walk. I know he is anxious to go walk-about.


Anonymous said...

Daniel and Rowena,

Thank you so much for this blog. It has been a wonderful way for all of us to feel connected to your family during this time.

Tell Samuel that Miss Cheryl is looking forward to seeing him at church again - soon!

My prayers for you all will continue until that time.

Chato said...


Thank you. Samuel is in a complaining mood at the moment. However, if he were feeling better, I'm sure he'd say, "me too!".