13 May, 2008


Samuel isn't really supposed to go out in public places so that he stays away from too many germs. We need to avoid him getting sick. This is for about 2 weeks from his release from the hospital. One can begin to see the signs of "stir-crazy" on occasion. He is actually managing fairly well and seeming to get a bit more mobility in his torso. I've heard him rock-out on his drum kit a few times.

Ahead of his surgery, we had scored tickets to the the final dress rehearsal of Beauty and the beast presented by the American Musical Theater of San Jose via Special Olympics of Northern California that was on stage last night in Downtown San Jose.

Samuel participates in a few of their events, notably, Floor Hockey, Basketball, Softball (sometimes), and Power Lifting. It's fun to do these sports, and it's really nice that groups like the theater company and others make such things possible not only for him, but our whole family.

He was quite anxious to go before the surgery. The date and time of this event were a regular topic of conversation in our home this whole past week. I was very excited to go to the play to see the lead actress after I read an article in the Mercury News about Nikki ReneƩ Daniels performance in the role as Belle.

Alas, just as I had said this to Rowena moments before the lights went down, the guy comes out to welcome everyone, give thanks to sponsors, etc. He then proceeds notes that the role of Belle was being played by the understudy last night as Nikki had sustained a minor injury... sigh.

All in all, we all enjoyed the performance. I would say that I don't think it was quite Broadway quality and there were sound problems that I didn't think they should be having the night before their first performance. Samuel cared about none of it. He loved it and we all left singing our favorite tunes. Samuel doing his best finger assisted vibrato. What is that you say? I'll have to video that sometime and share that out. It's pretty unique...

The walks in the park and around our neighborhood continue as have the get well cards. I am stunned when I look at all of the love on our piano...
I hope it's not old by now; we are blessed. Thank you all.

p.s. - the music cards are a real hit. The Foyle's and Pete & Nousheen sent a James Brown, "I feel Good" card. Perfect. Plus, ya gotta grove to that... ;)

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