09 May, 2008


There was an Hinojosa 3-member Harry Potter trivia throw-down this afternoon. Rowena will concur, she stinks at trivia. Usually.

She started about halfway across from her house and by the time she made it to her common room entryway, she had all the charm cards needed to enter.

For those of you familiar with this game, you know that to win, she needs to answer one question that the other players choose. I try to find questions that are really obscure. This one seemed to fit that bill:

"What is the price per scoop of the black eyed beetles that Harry sees in the Apothecary?"

This is from the book. There is no way she knows this. We read her the question and she laughs and states, there's no way she gets this.

Trivia is a tricky thing. About 1 in 100 guesses will hit (yes, that is from a scientific survey I just made up). She goes, "well, the only money I can remember is knuts. So, 5 knuts."

She was right. She spanked Samuel and me in this game.

That's almost as bad as rejecting a basketball shot from my son. A friend of ours, Mike, will confirm that he has seen me do this to Samuel. He could not believe I blocked his shot one day. I told Mike, "hey, he knows better than to take that shot. Darn right I block it." The Lakers are ahead by 2 early in the second quarter.

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