04 May, 2008

The Left Lung - Update

The left lung is *not* collapsed and they will not be putting in a drainage tube. There is fluid on the lung, but not enough that calls for the tube. Phew!

They are giving him Lasex to cause him to drain off extra fluids. That's a good thing. It would be better for us care-givers if he still had that "tube" in place as any "extra" fluid, comes out of one place...

Rowena is home and getting to bed by nine (meaning that you aren't reading this entry luv! ;). My sister was here and was a big help as Samuel is still vomiting on occasion. He hasn't been eating, so it's not a pretty thing. Samuel was quite thankful for her presence as was I.

I can't get TNT here, so no round ball. I see the Lakers and the Celtics both won their first game of the series. At least I have net connectivity... :-/

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Conrado said...

Thanks for the update bro. Glad you are enjoying your football games :-)