07 April, 2008

What's next?

A few folks have checked in and are wanting to know if all is well. No news is good news and for now, I have no news. Samuel did play in the Special Olympics basketball tourney over the weekend. His team took a bronze medal in their class. They played 2 games and split those. The other 2 games they should have played were forfeit, hence the bronze.

Our next things on the surgery agenda are a meeting with the surgeon, Dr. Hanley on the 23rd of this month. This is just with Rowena and me. We'll be asking about recovery times, what to expect, etc. I'm guessing that he'll quote the recovery at about 6 weeks. Rowena thinks it will be less. I'm hoping she is right.

I'm thinking too that we'll see if we can donate blood to his surgery like we did the last time. Rowena has the same blood type as Samuel so hers can be used directly. I think they are able to use plasma from me.

Finally, Rowena and Victoria are going to visit Manhattan College this week. I'll be waiting with bated breath to hear how that goes.

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Mrs. Taylor said...

I must say I love this blog thing...it makes it so much easier to keep in touch.

A friend of mine has a year old daughter that was born with no eyes and several severe heart issues. Dr. Hanley saved her life this last October by fixing her heart! Samuel has the same doctor. What great hands you are in Samuel!

Wishing you all the best!
Mrs. Taylor (Andrea)