09 April, 2008


It's heart night. Rowena and Victoria are in New York and will tour the perspective college tomorrow and talk about financial aid.

As I'm watching a brief video clip by one of Victoria's favorite artists, Alicia Keys on the Idol thing on TV.

Behind the scenes, I received a cool email message from my brother that had this link to an article that referenced the guy who had a heart transplant and died the same way as the donor.

Better and more importantly, the article was mostly a more interesting story about a woman who had a heart transplant and took on unusual characteristics of the donor!

This article set off a short search though my mailbox history. I recall having sent an article to a friend about a guy who had his left ventricle replaced with a motor. Before I found that article, I came across this follow up article to the motor-heart guy about a young woman whose heart was being assisted with a mechanical heart until they could find a suitable donor heart. Her heart repaired itself.

I finally found the original article I was looking for and took the time to re-read it. I am further convinced that the heart, while we can put pieces of cloth in it to make it work right, we can open it up and remove stuff that doesn't belong, we can replace it with another... I am further convinced that we know *nothing* of the heart. Not the heart that holds emotions and fuels musical inspiration. Not the heart that loves. Not the heart that will always hold parents. Not really.

The heart <3 if you are in someone's heart - you're lucky. You're blessed. It's important. It's a sacred trust.

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