24 April, 2008

Good MRI

I wasn't able to make Samuel's MRI this morning. The report from Rowena is that it went well, Samuel did just great doing what he needed to do and the doctors have the images they need to do the surgery that is required.

There was a slim chance he would not need surgery, but neither Row or I took this to heart, so to speak. They would have had to make one heck of an argument to me as to why this would be so, after what we have gone through to now.

At this point, I take it that the images will give Dr. Hanley what he needs so that he knows where to cut, what to cut, and how to make sure it's all done the way it needs to be done.

Next steps: Samuel meets w/his Pediatrician / Cardiologist next Tuesday. We have been fairly up front with Samuel about the surgery in terms of, he's going to have it and it is to fix his heart. I suspect or perhaps desire, that his doctor is a bit more up front with him about what's going to happen and what recovery for him will be like.

Next Wednesday is pre-op where they will do some testing, draw some blood - which may be the most stressful part of the day for us, and probably some other tests like EKG, etc.

I'm not sure we know what time on Thursday he goes in. We're planning on taking his iPod along so if he's wanting to dig a little, he can. It might be hard if he's feeling like dancing, which, if he's listening to one of his favorite bands, might be kinda tough.

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