02 April, 2008

RSS 101

I've gone to a bit of trouble to make this blog highly accessible so that folks can follow progress easily. If you are thinking to just make sure you check it regularly, that's cool. Should you decide you want to try some new technology, look into RSS. You can subscribe via a reader (see below), or enter your email in the box below Samuel's picture there to the right.

I'm relatively new to RSS. I started using it and have been a huge fan, ever since I saw this really well made video that explains RSS and why it's worth the effort:

This is brought to you by the good folks over at Common Craft.


Taki said...

Daniel - Taki here. Just subscribed to the blog.

Hello Samuel -This is Taki in Tokyo, Japan. Love to have you visit some day here and soon. Stay strong buddy!
Hope to hear back from you too.


Chato said...

Thank you for checking in Taki! I'll show Samuel your response later and have him send a reply. ;)

Anonymous said...

Samuel says:

Hi Taki, I hope you are okay. Say hi to your family from me.

Sayonara Taki!

Taki said...

Hi Samuel - thank you very much for the message!

Here is a Japanese word I would like to teach you. "Matane" this means, see you again!

Matene Samuel :-)