09 May, 2009

Swimming, Pitching, Surfing & Google

What do these things have in common? Nothing really. Other than that these are the things a 16 year old boy does. These things that Samuel is up to...

Samuel's high school swim team had their league trials yesterday. He missed them last year, so I'm really happy he made it this year:

That was his 50 fly event above. I'm not sure if you can swim butterfly. This stroke is full contact swimming. I can do 25 yards these days. If I tried and have oxygen handy, I might be able to do 50 yards. Samuel loves butterfly and when he's focused, does it quite well. After the turn in this heat, his kick isn't quite right, but he zeros back in once he gets focused again. He also swam the 100 meter Individual medley (one length of each stroke). It has been a real thrill to have both of my kids take up swimming since that was one of my sports as a kid and in high school.

Samuel has been invited by Via Services to throw out the first pitch for the San Jose State University Trojans baseball game against Stanford University on Tuesday night at Municipal Stadium. We went to the park today to get him familiar with the distance from the mound to the plate. I think he's gonna get that ball over the plate. The game starts at 6:00 PM, come on out and cheer on San Jose State (or, Stanford if you swing that way... ;) I'm going to see if he can take a practice throw early. I think he can stand on the mound and throw a pitch that will make it about over the plate. Like we've always told teachers and administrators, "don't throw low balls to Samuel. You throw hard to him and help him learn how to swing at those pitches. He may not connect right away, but he will." Now it's his turn to pitch and throw hard. Come on out and watch him throw.

We have signed Samuel up for "Ride a Wave". This is next Saturday at Cowell's beach in Santa Cruz. This is an annual event that helps people with disabilities to surf. We have never been able to make it due to scheduling. Samuel usually has a swim meet on the day this happens. It appears the date has changed this year, so we have him signed up. He's on the wait list and is hopeful for a noon date with a surfboard.

I also signed Samuel up to attend "An Afternoon At Google" on June 9th. This looks like a hands-on event at the much bally-hoo-ed "Google-plex" to help young adults with DS get some hands-on with technology. The message we received said, "It will be an afternoon of technology and fun! Learn internet basics and how to create an email account, play games and more!" Samuel already has email accounts, a Facebook page, and knows how to find his favorite videos on YouTube. So, who knows, maybe he'll be showing them a little if his application is accepted.

I love it when Samuel has stuff going on. I love it more when he exceeds peoples expectations of him. That's what he does. That's who he is. He's a 16 year old. Pretty much *just* like any other 16 year old.

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