13 May, 2009


Samuel threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the San Jose State Spartans baseball game against Stanford last night. He is a client of Via services. They asked him to do this as they were receiving a generous donation from one of their sponsors.

Here's the wind-up and the pitch:

There is enough background noise that you can't quite hear the pop in the catchers glove as he catches the pitch. It was a ton of fun to see him looking all pro about getting setup, going into the stretch and getting that ball across the plate.

There were a number of folks form Via Services at the park. The sponsor hosted a nice meal and had beverages all around. Martín and Garren from Camp Costonoan:

(click images for larger views)

I love the staff from this camp. These folks love what they do and have a personal commitment to serving the special needs population. They are a blessing to all of the families that use this service. They have also built personal relationships with some of the campers, like Samuel, and care deeply about them as individuals.

Finally, a friend of the family, our former pastor Dick Corson (right), was able to make it to the game to see his good friend Samuel throw out the pitch. He has been along on this ride through surgery and recovery and is always amazed at how Samuel copes and excels at his own recovery and growth. Samuel was really happy to see him and Ken Starr, his daughter Michelle, and Ed Circo, at the game. Samuel's life is blessed with health, friends, and family who all love him dearly.

We, his family, are equally blessed.

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