09 June, 2008

The Gym

I didn't have the presence of mind to take the camera with us to the gym, but managed to remember that I had a camera on me today - my phone cam!

One of the best exercises I can see to help re-build those chest muscles is one called "pec flys" as it works on the pectoral muscle group:
We did this last week at 10 lbs - the absolute minimum, after trying 30 and then 20 lbs. Today I started him at 20 and he did a full 3 sets at 30 lbs. He seemed quite comfortable with it. We'll keep it there for the week and see if next week will allow us to go to 40.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hinojosa,

Mt name is Jonathan Scott. I was Samuel's aide the past two years while he was in Mrs. Kruse's class. He probably best remembers me as "Scott". Anyway, I just heard about Samuel's surgery and am beyond glad to see that he has recovered so well. I would like to talk to Samuel and see how he is doing, so if possible please email me or have him email me at jscott8886@hotmail.com. Thank you

Chato said...


Yes, I know you! Thank you for the post. We'll have Samuel send you an email message.

And yes, his recovery has been amazing. I'm getting ready for another update soon. ;)