02 June, 2008

Update - 4.5 weeks out

Samuel is doing well almost 4.5 weeks since his surgery. He is back to school and just Friday asked to be back to full days. He likes to ride the bus home, so that was part of it.

Still, you can see him getting stronger. He is obviously favoring his chest as the sternum continues to heal. is wound is also getting easier for him to touch. He can pull a towel down his scar lightly and that is huge progress.

We also went to the gym for the first time last week. We saw Dick Corson there and I think he damn near fell off his bike when he saw Samuel there. It had only been 4 weeks since this kid was laid up. I have no idea what was said between them, but as always, Samuel was thrilled to see Dick and have the sort of human contact he cherishes that connects him to the world.

Upcoming for him is his sister's graduation party where lots of family and friends will be at our house. Then, in July, he'll go to camp at Camp Costanoan for a week of sports, frolicking, and friends. These are his 'peeps' and he loves his time there.

For us, we're happy and much relieved. The whole process went off without a hitch and his recovery has been astounding from where I sit. And, the future is always a mystery. As a very good friend of mine has said, parenting is not for sissies... I'm not sure what constitutes a sissie, but I echo the sentiment.


Owlonastick said...

You've definitely earned your parenting merit badge this year. You've got a pretty amazing family there.

Chato said...

Oh, I dunno... Any parent would have been there, right? Just doing what a parent does for their family. I do agree about that amazing thing... ;)

Thank you Greg.