22 May, 2010

A new scar

Samuel was released from the hospital this morning and is now back home. He's taking it easy on the couch and needs to nurse the wound in his groin as well as the one on his chest. The new scar on his chest was made to implant the "Reveal" device:
It is literally the size of a USB drive, if a little longish. There are 2 contacts on the side that is towards his ribs that will collect heart rhythms. Here is his new scar:

Any heart-beats that go above or below a certain range will be automatically recorded. There is also a manual device he can use to force recording of an event if he notices he faints, etc. We're not sure how well that will work. We'll need to see. The Reveal will be in his chest for about a year and a half.

Onto the next phase of healing and monitoring...

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Jorge Hinojosa said...

Dan / Samuel,
Obviously, Samuel is "the man". I am elated about the latest development and hope to see Samuel again soon. All the best and get some rest!!
Tio jorge