21 May, 2010


The MRI process went fine yesterday. The hardest part of such things—at least in the case that something like an MRI of the heart that requires contrast to better see the heart—is that to do that contrast, they inject the contrast fluid through an IV. After a less than confident tech wasn't successful getting a vein on an emergency room visit some years back, Samuel is notably not fond of needles now. It can be a struggle to get flu shots and when a blood draw is needed.

The good news is that over time, technology intervenes to make all sorts of things easier. Yesterday, they had some patches to put on his arms where they might put an IV. Once Samuel and I came to an understanding of what we needed to do there yesterday, he didn't really notice the needle as it entered his arm. As it was a bit of a challenge to get the IV in his arm, they left it in for his procedure today.

Here is an image from the MRI they performed yesterday. This blog is going to end up being a literal collection of images of Samuel's heart. Appropriate to the title I suppose.
I'm no doctor, but, in the image above, the heart would look to be the thing in the middle. Looks like it to me anyway.

It is currently a few minutes before 3:00 PM today and Samuel has not eaten and has not had fluids since 11:00 AM. Things are running behind. The case before him ended up needing a pace-maker, which is I believe this is what we are waiting on. Victoria is here with us too, which I think Samuel really appreciated. I know I did.

At this point we have no news on the result of the MRI. Our expectation is that Samuel will have the EP study and one of the outcomes from the left branch from the previous post. They seem to be heading towards implanting the Reveal device to monitor his heart.

Once they take him in, we'll head away for a bit to grab a very late lunch, and then come back. I have an essay to finish editing and a bit of reading to finish for my class on Monday. It's looking like we're going to have a late night here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,

Reading your post here in Tokyo, Japan. All my prayer goes out to Samuael.